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UV un Lielformāta druka

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UV un Lielformāta druka

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DAY 19 | Portugal, Lisbon Finally we are in Lisbon! We are happy to be again in our car all together! You can't even imagine what a feeling is to be on a weals again after those 6 flights. Jānis picked us from the airport in the late evening. We all were exhausted, tree of us from tiring flights and Janis from super huge distance on the road that he managed to drive while we were separated - that is amazing job what he did! Unfortunately during his drive to Lisbon our car was attacked by some thief who broke back window and got in to the car. That person took Jānis backpack! ...but you know what - Janis had there only dirty clothes and nothing else. Somehow he took out of his bag everything before this accident and placed it under the seats were we have our storage. So yes, thief has only dirty socks and underwear. Day in Lisbon wasn't organized we didn't have a permit to do the performance. And my marathon was made as classic marathon - on the track. But this time it was a bit different, Jānis took a bike ride with me. Nauris and Juris were working in the hostel during my run and Jānis bike ride. Again it was a great day for running I was really resting while running. Next was Madrid on our way. But we didn't finish with Portugal yet. We had to swim in the Atlantic ocean! Our last stop in Portugal was next to the beach on the way to Madrid. We tested there a power of an ocean. Waves were high and strong, water was clean, cold and salty, we liked it and enjoyed every second that we were in the water. It was wonderful! Jānis and Juris were driving a car to Madrid. We had a very strict limitations in time, because Juris had a plane to Latvia at 5:50 AM. He had to leave for some days. It was minute to minute, but we were in time and Juris could go on board. This is how our day in Lisbon ended. It was early morning and Madrid marathon was waiting for us! ... By supporting our campaign and donating to Dr. Klauns organization you will help small patience to smile and cancel - cancer! Click the DONATE button. Ghetto Games | adidas Running | Veikals 42km | Maxima | 4Cyclists | Mapon | Pm-Tm | VĒZIS - Ārstējams | Latvian Cancer Society "Dzīvības koks" | Dr. Klauns | #run282828 | #28marathons28days28cities



DAY 18 | Italy, Rome Rome was our last destination where we were flying by airplane. We were a bit tired from being in the flying mode for those days, lets be honest it is very exhausting to fly every day. wake up in new place every new day. We were very happy that Rome was our last location before our final flight. We had a night in local hostel which was located not far away from the city center. It was a nice place with the perfect location for our needs, since we had our location booked we needed a place that was close enough, so we are wasting less energy for getting there. Our adventure started when we began to search for a bus that is going to Piazza Anita Garibaldi which was our spot for today. It was bad that majority of local people didn't speak English. It was funny when we asked - Do you speak English? Answer was - Yes! But all the answers we got back were in Italian. So we spent around 2 hours to find the right buses to our spot. The final drop in the ocean was when we had rejections from bus drivers who are last link to get to Garibaldi squire. They refused to take our treadmill on board! We started to think about plan B. ...and I started to run in front of the bus station! We improvised and it worked - imagine scene guy is running on a treadmill while you are waiting for a bus. Other guy is explains to you, in very casual way, what is going on her. Crazy and funny at the same time. While we were at the bus stop we contacted our local supporters from Latvian embassy in Italy. Girls from embassy, Santa Dalmane and Dace Arakeljana, managed for us a car, so we could get to our final destination. When we got to the place, police were waiting for us... No worries they didn't want to put us to jail, they were security for performance. It was a misunderstanding - they understood that it will be very massive event. They booked only for us around 200 m2 big parking lot, it had striped braid around and two police cars on a side. We were surprised for this action! Of course we explained for officers what is our plan and how actually big it is. In the end they left us and we could do the performance without any security. When we were done we were picked up again by car driver who was organized by Santa and Dace. Driver delivered us straight to the airport. It was sunny, funny and adventure rich day in Rome! Many thank's for our supporters who made it possible to perform in Rome! Thank you Santa and thank you Dace! Lisbon here we come! ... By supporting our campaign and donating to Dr. Klauns organization you will help small patience to smile and cancel - cancer! Click the DONATE button. Ghetto Games | adidas Running | Veikals 42km | Maxima | 4Cyclists | Mapon | Pm-Tm | VĒZIS - Ārstējams | Latvian Cancer Society "Dzīvības koks" | #DrKlauns | #run282828 | #28marathons28days28cities



DAY 14 | Cyprus, Nicosia 14th day and we are in Cyprus. As a first flight it was a bit stressful in the beginning. We were not shore about our treadmill which we are taking with us for all 6 flights. As one peace it was too big and too heavy - Ryanair rules say that our treadmill do not fit to criteria. So we divided it in to two parts - running track and metal element divided. Girls at the check-in where very surprised - in there experience, they said, that it was a first time when treadmill was checked as a baggage. When we landed and went out of the air port, we felt different weather condition, it was still hot like in Athens, plus humidity which was very high. Straight away we said to each other - guys we have to go to swim here! After spending night at rented place next to Nicosia. We went to our managed place. ...but you know what? It was under construction!!! We were so surprised that local authorities gave us permission at that spot - we thought that this was a joke. But it didn't stop us - at some point we were even happy that we had to take another plan. We were out of schedule with the news and we needed to maintain our treadmill, so I can run with less pressure on my legs. This day in Nicosia was on the city track for me and guys were dealing with treadmill and material for our posts. After the run we met together and went to airport direction which was located in Larnaca. You can't even imagine how happy we were that buses form Larnaca to the airport were going every half an hour! WE COULD SWIM!!! Finally we could take some time and enjoy the sea. You can't even imagine how good water was - It was perfect. We were like small kids. At these moment you understand how much you really need to feel happy! This relaxation was really necessary, because we had long journey in a head of us. We took a bus to airport, prepared our treadmill, packed our stuff, four hour in the plane, 3200 km between clouds and we are in London. Many thank's Cyprus for this day! ... By supporting our campaign and donating to Dr. Klauns organization you will help small patience to smile and cancel - cancer! Click the DONATE button. Ghetto Games | adidas Running | Veikals 42km | Maxima | 4Cyclists | Pm-Tm | #DrKlauns | #run282828 | #28marathons28days28cities

UV un Lielformāta druka

Izmantojot UV vai lielformāta drukas iespējas, jūsu komunikācija vidē kļūs pamanāma daudziem, kas ikdienu pavada dinamiskajā pilsētas atmosfērā. Veidojiet reklāmas kampaņas ar vērienu! 

POS un BTL materiāli

Uzrunājiet savu auditoriju veikalos, ārpus tirdzniecības zonām lielveikalos, izstādēs un citās vietās, kur uzturas jūsu potenciālie klienti. Mūsu iespējas un zināšanas POS un BTL materiālu ražošanā Jūs patīkami pārsteigs.


Interjera nofomēšana atbilstoši Jūsu gaumei  Jūsu dzīvesvietā vai darbā pastiprinās telpās valdošo noskaņu un ļaus jūsu zīmolam būt ciešā saskarē ar tā vēstnešiem - Jūsu darbiniekiem.


Esot biznesā jau vairāk kā astoņus gadus, esam pārliecinājušies par savām spējām un apguvuši daudz jauna, lai šobrīd droši teiktu, ka esam lepni, ka varam piedāvāt augstākās kvalitātes UV drukas, lielformāta drukas un reklāmas ražošanas pakalpojumus Latvijas, Baltijas un citos eksporta tirgos jau kopš 2007. gada!

Vēlamies savos panākumos dalīties arī ar citiem, tādēļ nepārtraukti investējam attīstībā un piedāvājam arvien modernākus lielformāta un UV drukas pakalpojumus, kā arī citus reklāmas risinājumus.

Esam pārliecināti, ka nepārtraukta tehnoloģiskā izaugsme, stingra kvalitātes un izpildes termiņu kontrole, kā arī iedziļināšanās klienta vēlmēs un vajadzībās, elastīga pieeja un proaktīva problēmsituāciju risināšana, ir uzņēmuma izaugsmes atslēga.

Šobrīd esam tehnoloģiski attīstītākais UV drukas pakalpojumu sniedzējs Latvijā.

Par to, cik labi mēs esam - lai spriež mūsu klienti un rāda darba rezultāti.

Uzņēmuma komandu veido nozares profesionāļi ar daudzpusīgu un bagātu pieredzi.

Uzticēto darbu veiksim precīzi, laikā, ar augstu pašatdevi un entuziasmu.

Cerot uz abpusēji veiksmīgu sadarbību!




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