Vehicle Graphics

Create a billboard on wheels with vehicle graphics!

We are huge believers in taking advantage of every second and millimetre to advertise. Therefore, why should anyone miss the opportunity to flash their brand in a traffic jam? If you think of all the moments when people feel the most bored and less distracted, it’s often on the go.


You miss all the billboards and huge banners and pay all your attention to the road instead. That includes all the other vehicles around you. Black, white, silver, branded - guess which one you‘ll remember? It has never been easier to stand out with your advertisement in a sea of so many similar vehicles. To leave an impact, make sure to make the vehicle graphics memorable enough. That’s where PM-TM steps in with our cutting-edge printed vehicle graphics.

Why choose vehicle graphics?

Every glance counts in the fast lane of business. And wrapping your vehicles in jaw-dropping graphics is the secret weapon to turn heads. Our vehicle graphics are more than just stickers - you can call them the superheroes of advertising. Picture this - your logo soaring down the highway, your tagline racing through city streets, and your brand colors zipping around town. Wrapping your vehicles in jaw-dropping graphics is more than a strategy – it's your secret weapon to becoming unforgettable on the road.


Think of your vehicles as the advertising tools of your brand. In this marketing world blending in is not an option. Therefore, our vehicle graphics are the standout feature that takes your brand to the next level.


Advertise on the Go

The road to effective vehicle graphics starts with a team that understands the nuances of design and the details of printing. Elevate your brand's presence with the expertise of our design and printing professionals. No project is too big or too small for us.


Are you a local business looking to make a splash? Or maybe you have a nation-wide brand aiming for widespread recognition? We’ve got you covered. Cars, vans, trucks or buses, you name it! We can print the wraps for any kind of vehicle. We’ll create custom graphics even for a plane if you’ll ask. PM-TM’s design team is capable of translating your brand’s essence into visually striking graphics. We ensure that every detail will be executed with precision and clarity. Drive your brand forward with confidence, and let our team make every mile count.

Vehicle graphics tailored to perfection


No cookie-cutter solutions here! We get that your business is one-of-a-kind. That's why our design team collaborates with you to create visuals that display your brand’s personality. From dazzling logos to punchy taglines, we're here to ensure your message owns the streets. Not to mention, we’re not just about looking good.


We’re all about lasting power. Our vehicle graphics are crafted from top-notch, weather-resistant materials that will withstand the elements. Rain, shine, or a bit of both – your brand will stay untouched, looking as vibrant as day one.


You can count on us for a smooth and professional installation as well. We’ll take care of every curve and contour to create a smooth finish that will shine through the traffic.


Branding on the Move

Ready to make your brand stand out in town? Vehicle graphics look stunning and catch attention effortlessly. Custom vehicle graphics can generate thousands of impressions daily just by driving around. From simple car decals that feature your logo and phone number to fully crafted vehicle wraps that look like real eye candy - we are ready to print your ideas to life.

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